Feed, Breed, Tokens
& Utility
(New version has been done in June 2022, not disclosed yet)
Our future token sits at the core of everything in the Cub universe.

It will be your rewards for our future games, it will open you the door to meet & match other cubs and will offer you the possibility to vote, buy merch...

As the cub universe grows more utility will be added. The mission of the Wild Cub Society extends further than a 3D PFP, or an avatar. It`s about family, utility and having a real impact on animal conservation.


First, in order to participate to our future breeding game, your cub will have to be fed (or get a special Viagra portion). We have strategically planned the game: a limited amount of food will be airdropped to our holders (a little more supply will be available to purchase on the food market). Once your Cub is fed and full of energy, it’s time to enter the game: Each Cub owner that participate to the feeding game will be rewarded with our native coin.
The more food you give to your cub, the higher rewards will be (notably our token).


Breed two of your own Cubs together, or  Match a cub on our future Tinder App and try to breed. You will need our token to swipe and match! Breeding will only be possible between a female and a male. It may occur once every week. This methodology and time frame will be depending on the market and might change over time. Rarities of your cub will also impact the percentage of success to breed. (breeding is not guaranty!)


The result of the breeding game will be:  
1) one new NFT cub for each breeder. New cub inherits random traits from its parents.
2) Once a month, 3 random holders that have successfully bred will be further rewarded.


The Wild Cub Society is community-driven. We are working to establish a solid foundation for facilitating decentralized decision making within the community. By staking our future coin, you will gain the ability to vote and get token rewards/yield that will be pretty useful! We have already sucessfully turned to a DAO system available only by holding at least one NFT


Metaverse. We want to develop an incredible ecosystem for our owners and beyond, with a Play-to-Earn game in which the better you protect your playable Meta Cub, the more you’ll be rewarded. and, in the meantime, participate in saving the endangered species in the real life with our charity partners!

... And More ...

Breeding game sneak peeks

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